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Acquiring citizenship in R.N.Macedonia on the basis of investments 

  1. Scope of the Opinion This opinion is given only with respect to the laws of the R.N.Macedonia in force at the date of this opinion. Any advice contained herein as to matters of the laws of R.N.Macedonia is based solely on our interpretation. While we believe that such interpretation is well-founded and justifiable, it is not certain that competent authorities, courts or arbitration tribunals would share our views in all instances. We are qualified to provide legal services in the R.N.Macedonia. We have not carried out an independent investigation of any laws or any jurisdiction, except for the laws and the jurisdiction of R.N.Macedonia that would serve as basis for the positions stated further below and we do not express or imply any opinion on such laws or jurisdictions. 
  1. Applicable regulations For the purposes of this legal opinion, we considered the following regulations: 1.Law on citizenship of the Republic of Macedonia (Official Gazette of RM no. 67/1992, with all amendments and supplements) and the respective bylaws: ∙Decree for determination of the criteria for special scientific, economics, cultural, sports or other national interest for acquiring citizenship of R.N.Macedonia (Official Gazette of RM no. 9/2005, with all amendments and supplements) 
  1. Assumptions Some of the sections may contain a summary of certain Macedonian laws of particular relevance to the subject of this opinion. However, by their nature, such sections do not purport to be comprehensive, and specific legal advice should be sought prior to taking any action on the basis of the information contained in such sections. 

Citizenship of R.N.Macedonia by naturalization can be acquired by a foreigner who has personally submitted a request for admission to citizenship of R.N.Macedonia, provided that it meets the following requirements: 

  1. is at least 18 years of age; 
  2. until the submission of the request, had legally and continuously being residing on the territory of R.N.Macedonia for at least 8 years;
  3. has a housing and a permanent source of income in the amount enabling material and social security in accordance with the requirements determined by law;
  4. has not been sentenced to imprisonment for at least one year in R.N.Macedonia, or in the state whose citizen it is for crimes prosecuted ex officio which are punishable in accordance with the regulations of R.N.Macedonia; 
  5. criminal procedure has not been initiated against it in R.N.Macedonia and the state whose citizen it is; 
  6. has knowledge of the Macedonian language to the level that it can communicate with the surroundings is not sentenced a measure prohibition on residence in R.N.Macedonia; 
  7. its admission to citizenship of R.N.Macedonia does not endanger the national security or defence of R.N.Macedonia,
  8. signs an oath to be a loyal citizen of R.N.Macedonia, and 
  9. had renounced the previous citizenship or proves that the renunciation shall be granted to provided that it is admitted to citizenship of R.N.Macedonia. 

The request for admission to citizenship of R.N.Macedonia shall be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior according to the place of residence of the person, or if the person lives abroad, to the diplomatic and consular office of R.N.Macedonia in abroad. A foreigner who meets the requirements from points 1 to 8 above, can acquire citizenship of the R.N.Macedonia by naturalization when this is of special scientific, economic, cultural, sports or other national interest.

There is some more legal information to be provided on this subject which is not on the scope of the website. We will be happy to hear from you, and let us help you in all the legal process of achieving immigration or second passport – for the benefits of being an EU sitizen. 


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